Monday Monies: 7/30 – 8/6

Here’s this week’s Monday Monies (yay for week 2!)

The Good: 

Mom put some gas in my car (thanks mom!) (+$40)

Got soda most of the week while out with friends instead of alcohol (+$20)

Went to the free zoo with my friend who was visiting for the week (-$0 and + happiness)

The Bad:

Spent a lot of money out at bars/dinner this week with said from college (-$60)

Struggling with self control- to buy a new pair of going out wedges (-$??)


This Weeks Goals: 

Eat the food I have here – no eating out or unnecessary grocery shopping!

Pay mom for car insurance!


P.S. I think I failed on my second goal from last week – I totally overspent while my friend from college was here!

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