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Monday Monies: 8/6 – 8/13

Monday Monies: 8/6 – 8/13

This past week flew by! Summer in Chicago is so busy, there is always something to do, hopefully when fall rolls around I’ll have a stricter schedule. For now here’s week 3:

The Good:

Didn’t give into peer pressure to get “all you can eat/drink brunch” when I really didn’t want to (-$0)

Only went grocery shopping once because I ate a my parents house a bunch (-$0 + goals!)

Did not give in and buy the wedges I was seriously considering one week ago!! (+ self control)

The Bad:

Added $100 to my retail brokerage account without really thinking (sort of -$100)

Paid for a Taxi across town, when we got there my friends didn’t even want to stand in line (-$12, really -$6 because I should have used Uber instead)

This Week’s Goals:

Shop & research for good/cheap protein powder

Take shoes to be repaired & dry cleaning in so I don’t feel like I have to shop.


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